Control one of the powerful factions from the Halo universe and wage war against your enemies, UNSC or Covenant, On land and in space, Multiple planets, interstellar warfare, varied troop tree, epic RTS battles.

Every faction on a team has a specific function. Teamwork is KEY to success.

This is a custom map on the Starcraft 2 Arcade. Search for "Halo Game" to play it. Developed by Orion.

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Halo Game - Starcraft 2 Arcade

Halo Game - Starcraft 2 Arcade

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Here is a starter guide to get you up with the basics of the game



  • Ground combat focus
  • Mass produce units
  • Armour / Arty


  • Limited selection of units
  • Can use the expensive but powerful Spartan IIs which dominate late game
  • Focuses on hit and run special tactics, Has stealth ships with nukes


  • Needs to mass ships to beat Cov Navy
  • Mac guns, Missile launchers, fighters
  • Can get Smart AI upgrade for heavy cruisers

Cov Elites

  • Can create zealots/spec ops elites which counter Spartan IIs
  • Similar infantry/vehicles to brutes
  • If they don't focus spec ops late game, they tend to be useless

Cov Brutes

  • Massing units, counter to UNSC Army
  • Ground combat focus
  • Armour / Arty

Cov Navy

  • Individual ships more powerful but more expensive
  • Top tier ships can decimate UNSC ships
  • No starting ships at start but unstoppable once produced

Space Tactics

In this game, there are two amazing factions battling for control over the air. First, there is the near-invincible navy of the Covenant who use powerful attacks and almost impenetrable shields to fend off attacks and then you have the massive navy of the UNSC. Both factions have their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their special abilities to boost the chances against both naval and ground combat. In the test version, you do not have any starter ships and must build them from the start whereas, in the original, you begin with a small number of ships over every planet. All Navy ships can only target air units the smallest being a prowler for UNSC and Corvette for covenant. All ships in the test version must enter and exit orbit in order for space travel and it takes 5 seconds to exit the atmosphere so keep that in mind when you invade.

This link leads to further explanation on the Halo Game naval battles and strategies as well as specific abilities.

Ground Tactics

To be completed.


To be completed

Battle on planets, battle in space, fight across the halo universe.

Halo ground battle